Who I Am

Knowledge. Commitment. Excellence.

If I’m not coaching on the gym floor, I’m buried head first in the latest research on how to make my athletes as strong, fit and fast as possible. Since a young age sport has been my passion, and running in particular has always taken centre stage in my training. I participated in track and field until the age of 20 until I moved across to endurance trail running which I have been competing in since. 

As well as spending the last 5 years working with a variety of clients, I am currently undertaking an Msc in Strength and Conditioning to develop my knowledge in the area and become the best coach I can be. I have dedicated my time as a coach to increasing my skill set and forever learning so that each client has the best experience possible both on and off the gym floor.

In particular, I work with the everyday athlete that wants to improve their lifestyle through strength training, and recreational/ competitive endurance runners that want to incorporate strength into their training to improve performance. With endurance runners, I create periodised programmes that coincide with their competition calendar to help increase their overall strength as well as lower body strength and reduce injury risk.

With my everyday athletes, I take a holistic approach to training. I believe that everyone should strive to improve their strength, cardiovascular health and mobility. By focusing on all three areas you can become the healthiest version of yourself and move well throughout life. This is why as well as focusing on strength training, I also incorporate mobility and yoga into some of my sessions. I want my clients to move their bodies in a variety of ways that will translate through to movements in their day to day lives. 


  • Msc Strength & Conditioning (ongoing) 

  • Level 3 Personal Training 

  • Level 3 Yoga Teacher 

  • Pre & Post Natal Training 

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist 

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