Coaching Options


Foundational Strength

We’ve all got to start from the beginning and this is where you begin your journey to becoming a stronger, fitter and healthier version of yourself.

The foundational strength programme is a 12-16 week programme that will lay the foundations of your strength training in the gym. Through a mixture of bodyweight, machines and free weights, you will learn the fundamentals of strength training. There are three main aims of the programme:

  • To build a resilient & mobile body

  • Become confident in a gym setting

  • Instil good movement patterns

From here, you’ll then be ready to move onto either the Strong for Life of Lift + Run programme.

Prices from: £240pm


Strong for Life

You’ve nailed down the basics but now you want to progress in your training. Sound about right?

The Strong for Life programme is for anyone that has some experience of strength training but wants to develop their knowledge further and improve technique. It is also perfect for anyone that has a strength/fitness based goal that they need help reaching. The three main aims of the programme are:

  • Improve & perfect lifting technique

  • Provide accountability & education

  • Help you reach desired fitness goals

The Strong for Life programme is designed for a minimum of 12 weeks and suitable for athletes looking for a long-term solution to fitness. It can be completed either face to face or via online coaching.

Prices from: £120pm


Lift + Run

Who says you can’t run further and lift heavier at the same time?

It’s common myth that endurance and strength training are always detrimental to each other. In fact, incorporating strength training into your running programme can have an overwhelming positive impact. This is regardless of whether you want to improve your 5k Park Run time or run a marathon.

The three main aims of the programme are:

  • Build strength alongside improving endurance

  • Reduce chances of injury with strength training

  • Break your personal best

The Lift + Run programme has been designed for anyone that wants to use strength training to complement their running. It can be completed either face to face or via online coaching.

Prices from: £120pm